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Alchemical Nutrition Practitioner Course

1) A warm welcome and introduction to Alchemical Nutrition A short over view of our course offering and subject matter.

2) All things are possible for the truly enlightened All living cells have the potential to be pleomorphic and rely on an interaction with light as a life force. Reviewing our understanding of light and matter and their interaction with melanin, explaining why this is the equivalent of chlorophyll in a plant, it is essential to our ability to convert solar energy into a life force. To achieve this, we will review the relationship of carotenoids in the production of melatonin which is essential for the production of melanin and porphyrins that interact with every cell membrane in our bodies to produce bio photons.

3) Embracing a more fluid, rhythmic approach to better health The acknowledgement that our bodies are predominantly fluid which is influenced via electric and magnetic rhythms. These electromagnetic fields are created via the Pineal gland which is mainly carbon while the cerebral cortex is predominantly copper these create the electrical field in the brain. As we age and living our stressful unnatural lifestyles our cellular hydration levels often become challenged, having the effect of concentrating the toxic levels within our extracellular fluids, often triggering a fight or flight response which inhibits our bodies ability to evolve. This is a key reason why no one nutritional protocol can fit all.

4) Understanding our inner need for evolution A review of epigenetics (meaning above genes) and the gaps in the orthodox gene theory, allowing us to reduce the often illogical fear of our helplessness against dis-ease, rather than believing in the importance of self-empowerment and harmony. Combined with importance of promoting the correct hydration and alkaline environment which influences our cell membrane potential.

5) Finding an alternative therapy approach that resonates with you The need to acknowledge that you cannot return to optimum health without addressing our ability to resonate with the universal rhythms that influence us on a constantly and are essential to accessing our full human potential, rather than being restricted by predetermined fears. The fluid levels and alkalinity are a key part of supporting this natural rhythms, as the resonance needs these fluids to deliver the resonate from one organ to another. If we leave this potential untapped this leads to our potential disharmony. This will also have an explanation of the Chinese five elements.

6) The art of becoming a truly empowering therapist

  • Interpreting a case history
  • Predispositions
  • Tubercular taint
  • 16 stages of cellular change
  • Empowerment creating reduction of fear and freedom of movement pyramid
  • Test tube
  • Acute and chronic diseases
  • Dehydration alert

7) The pros and cons of differing dietary approaches For example the principles behind:

  • The raw food diet
  • The China study
  • Eat right for your blood type diets
  • Paleo diet

8) The art of delivering effective clinical outcomes

  • Three stages of treatment
  • Key factors oxygen water and light
  • Herings law of cure
  • Blood sugar
  • Body pH
  • Test tube
  • Acute and chronic diseases
  • Body temperature

9) Our tool box of naturopathic techniques

  • Skin brushing
  • Hot and cold showers
  • Hot and cold tubbing
  • Hot tub cold wrap
  • Sitz baths
  • Epsom baths
  • Foot baths / Wraps
  • Castor oil packing
  • Enemas
  • Clysmatics
  • Colonics
  • Urine therapy