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Welcome to the amazing world of Alchemical Nutrition!

What do we believe in?

Welcome to the amazing world of Alchemical Nutrition We passionately believe that we have a duty to reintroduce the traditional principles of naturopathic nutrition, into the nutritional profession.

In more recent years the alternative health movement has been bombarded with voluntary regulatory rules for self-regulation. This lead educational providers believing that there was a real need to become recognised by a vast range of regulatory bodies, maximising their marketing appeal of their course to new students, with the potential opportunity to corner a lucrative market sector. The down side of all this activity was that many courses feel the need to follow the core curriculum for nutrition to achieve recognition, leaving the core of many nutritional courses very much the same. However, the biggest cost of achieving this recognition meant a need to leave many of the traditional teaching principles and techniques behind, often leaving the course without a philosophy that would empower students and graduates to go out and spread the word. It’s sad to think that many nutritional graduates today never go into private practice, preferring to go into industry.

As much of this nutritional education is now incomplete, it’s been left to supplement companies, with a vested interest, to support these graduates into practise, often leaving them vulnerable to relying on commercial organisations with vested interests for their ongoing clinical guidance. Therefore, these days many practitioners simply follow nutritional protocols, one approach fits all, so they are seen as safe practitioners, very much the model that orthodox medicine adopts. Many of these commercial operations have an insatiable thirst for more knowledge of the infinite complex nutrient pathways and observations of our body’s responses to rectifying identified deficiencies, either through clinical observation or from test results, without acknowledging that every person you introduce these protocols to will have a difference digestive and cellular environment, nutritional values, hydration levels and electromagnetic charge, hence the widely varying results from the predominantly nutritional bases regimes on offer. We feel that this over reliance on tests, dis-empowers practitioners, often leaving them scratching their heads when they have two sets of tests that disagree with each other and clients tend to move on to the next practitioner, in a quest to move their health forward. This wish to join orthodox medicine is an odd business model as most clients who visit alternative or complementary health care professionals are looking for an alternative. How often are patients left feel helpless when they go to medics with a list of symptoms that are effecting their enjoyment of life, only to be told that the tests didn’t identify any issues, so off you go! Surely from a business point of view it’s important to deliver a service that the clients are looking for, i.e. an alternative not a reduced version of what they already have on offer from the NHS? (It’s worth noting that most research study results, however impressive, state that that there is little evidence of the long term impact of these trials).

So what’s so different about Alchemical Nutrition?

We believe that this reductionist, protocol driven approach has alienated many recently trained nutritionists from their fellow alternatively minded practitioners, who often see this as an approach that only address our physical matter, with the potential to leave clients suspended in animation, relying on an expensive nutritional regime to see them through their busy lifestyle. We believe that to truly address dis-ease we need to acknowledge and evaluate the many subtle layers of dis-ease, in both our physical matter and the less understood electromagnetic energy fields that vitally need to be re-balanced to enable them to work in harmony with the circadian rhythms and eliminate dis-ease at a core level, as demonstrated through the principles of Herings law of cure. As these principles are often lacking in mainstream, so called evidence based, nutritional courses we find that students and practitioners are often left feeling like there’s a big bit of their understanding missing, we believe that this amazing alchemical nutrition course has the potential to re-empower these people with the missing link to delivering a truly comprehensive, holistic regime. It also makes for a very complete training for other multi discipline alternatively minded practitioners or acts as a wonderful self help guide.

Alchemical nutrition acknowledges that no nutritional approach can be seen as truly comprehensive unless it addresses the three corner stones of life. Light (our ability to produce and store light to produce much needed energy to sustain life), Oxygen O2 (our efficiency to get oxygen to our cells in an effective energy sparing manner) and of course water H2O (it’s essential to keep well hydrated at a cellular levels, as dehydration alert will trigger our fight or flight reflex, which interrupts our essential need to evolve. (The less hydrated we are the more concentrated our toxins are and the effect of a supplement is multiplied). These factors should all be assessed effectively through the ability to take and interpret a client’s case history.

Nutrition often looks at foods that are referred to as superfoods, due to their nutritional content, or where a diet is considered devoid of certain nutrients they are simply enriched via a food supplement, rather than acknowledging that there are many differing values of food. For example what grows under the ground is mainly magnetic, the leaves of a plant is electro-magnetic and the fruits of a plant are electrically charged, so should we not also be considering the electromagnetic balance of the client and recommend a diet that complement these energies. Although we understand and appreciate that juicing is one of the most powerful tools in our naturopathic tool box, we question if it is just the alkalising effect and nutritional values of these juices that bring the benefit. If as we believe the main benefit is the electromagnetic charge, we should also be able to evaluate the electromagnetic charge of a client before making such recommendation, so we can select the correct juice for them.

It’s well documented that you can rarely solve a problem from within the same paradigm in which it was created, we therefore acknowledge the need for nutrition to evolve into the holistic approach in which it was always intended to be delivered.

The only person who can make us better is ourselves, by rebalancing us at all levels thus enlightening us, in the true sense of the meaning, allowing us to unlock our inner wisdom to guide us through our lifes journey.

We hope you will join us for this extraordinary journey.

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It’s sad to think that many nutritional graduates today never go into private practice, preferring to go into industry. Yet to-date, anyone can still setup as a nutritional therapist without the need to register with any organisation.

Herings law of cure states

Disease moves from top to bottom

From within to outward

From the greater to the lesser organs

And in the reverse order to which they appeared