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The natural evolution of energetic nutrition


This amazing course sets a new standard in our understanding of how light and electromagnetic energies effect matter.For a full listing of the course sessions click here.



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Welcome to the amazing world of Alchemical Nutrition. We passionately believe that we have a duty to reintroduce the traditional principles of naturopathic nutrition, like Herings law of cure, into the nutritional profession, which have been separated from many main stream nutritional courses.

In more recent years the alternative health movement has been bombarded with voluntary regulatory rules for self-regulation. This lead educational providers believing that there was a real need to become recognised by a vast range of regulatory bodies, maximising their marketing appeal of their course to new students, with the potential opportunity to corner a lucrative market sector. The down side of all this activity was that many courses feel the need to follow the core curriculum for nutrition to achieve recognition, leaving the core of many nutritional courses very much the same.....

The Practitioner Course

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What is it we do differently?

We believe that this reductionist, protocol driven approach has alienated many recently trained nutritionists from their fellow alternatively minded practitioners, who often see this as an approach that only address our physical matter, with the potential to leave clients suspended in animation, relying on an expensive nutritional regime to see them through their busy lifestyle.

We believe that to truly address dis-ease we need to acknowledge and evaluate the many subtle layers of dis-ease, in both our physical matter and the less understood electromagnetic energy fields that vitally need to be re-balanced to enable them to work in harmony with the circadian rhythms and eliminate dis-ease at a core level, as demonstrated through the principles of Herings law of cure.


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